50 Top Leaders in Leadership Blogging

Have you ever wondered who are the top leaders from around the world focusing specifically on the area of Leadership? I have, and that’s why I started compiling the below list of top leaders, because I want to know who they are.

Leadership: Top Leaders

This list of the world’s Top Leaders in Leadership Blogging is to remain an unfinished list. It will be updated no less than annually, but likely every quarter.

Names of top leaders will be added and names will be removed.

I am looking for influential people to follow and introduce my readers to, so if you know of some top leaders who focus primarily on leadership and should be recommended for addition to this list, tell me the following (in the “comments” section below):

  • What is his/her name?
  • What is the URL to his/her blog?
  • What is the main concentration of his/her expertise?

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“Nobody cares that you’re a leader until they’re first convinced you care about them.”

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Rankings as of:

November 7, 2014

#NameBlog TitleTwitterAlexa
#NameBlog TitleTwitterAlexa
1Michael HyattHelping Leaders Leverage Influence@MichaelHyatt12,955
2Tony RobbinsAnthony Robbins@tonyrobbins14,737
3Brian TracyBrian Tracy International@BrianTracy17,741
4Alison GreenAsk A Manager@AskAManager27,321
5Robin SharmaRobin Sharma@_Robin_Sharma58,412
6John MaxwellJohn Maxwell on Leadership@JohnCMaxwell88,133
7Dan RockwellLeadership Freak@LeadershipFreak97,345
8Skip PrichardLeadership Insights@SkipPrichard116,285
9Michael McKinneyLeadership Now@LeadershipNow169,889
10Donald LatumahinaLife Optimizer@LifeOptimizer175,445
11Dan Miller48 Days@48DaysTeam177,639
12Charles SpechtSphere of Influence@CharlesSpecht180,039
13Ron EdmondsonThoughts on Leadership, Church and Culture@RonEdmondson195,260
14Daniel PinkDaniel H. Pink@DanielPink196,700
15Paul SohnEmpowering Christian Leaders Rise to the Top@PaulSohn214,580
16Lolly DaskalLead From Within@LollyDaskal255,678
17Kimanzi ConstableTales of Work@KimanziC264,695
18Alexander KjerulfChief Happiness Officer@AlexKjerulf318,703
19Joseph LalondeEmpowering Young Leaders@JosephLalonde336,301
20Michael RogersTeamwork and Leadership@secondgleader338,890
21John HunterManagement Improvement Blog@curiouscat_com372,579
22Tim ParsonsLeadership for Work and Home@_TimParsons_372,608
23Tom PetersTom Peters@Tom_Peters385,043
24Ken BlanchardBlanchard LeaderChat@LeaderChat397,356
25Mike Henry Sr.Lead Change Group@LeadChangeGroup442,150
26Mitch MitchellT.T. Mitchell Consulting, Inc.@Mitch_M450,969
27Tanveer NaseerTanveer Naseer@TanveerNaseer500,928
28Chris LoCurtoLeadership & Small Business@ChrisLoCurto506,857
29Jon GordonDeveloping Positive Leaders, Organizations & Teams@JonGordon11514,603
30Jesse Lyn StonerCollaborative Leadership@JesseLynStoner533,201
31Brian DoddHelping Leaders Find Solutions@BrianKDodd540,172
32Bob BurgBob Burg@BobBurg543,698
33Dan BlackDan Black on Leadership@bdonleadership553,453
34Mike MyattN2Growth@MikeMyatt564,250
35Kevin EikenberryLeadership & Learning@KevinEikenberry574,356
36Rory VadenSelf-Discipline...Simplified@Rory_Vaden610,422
37Bob SuttonWork Matters@work_matters690,394
38Tom ShulteLinked 2 Leadership@TomSchulte693,979
39Wally BockThree Star Leadership@WallyBock715,937
40Gordon TredgoldLeadership Principles@GordonTredgold720,194
41Todd SmithLittle Things Matter@ToddSmith767,031
42Martin WebsterLeadership Thoughts@TristanWember794,816
43Mark SanbornDeveloping Leaders in Business and in Life@Mark_Sanborn823,192
44Steve RoeslerAll Things Workplace@Steve Roesler843,428
45Dave TaylorIntuitive Systems@DaveTaylor872,643
46Rajesh SettyBringing Ideas to Life, with Love@RajSetty888,352
47Chris EdmondsDriving Results Through Culture@scedmonds961,995
48Art PettyArt Petty Group@LeadershipCafn1,116,589
49Terry StarbuckerA Journey to the Heart of Leadership@Starbucker1,170,436
50George AmblerLeading in Turbulent Times@GeorgeAmbler1,200,764

Notable Leaders, though not in the Top 50: Suzi McAlpine, Dan McCarthy, Dan Roam, David Zinger, Scott Eblin, Mike King, Bret Simmons, Mark Miller, Scott Williams, Tim Sanders, Susan Mazza, Mary Jo Asmus, Tom Foster, Steve Farber, Nathan Magnuson, and Jim Estill.

Theory Behind the Ranking System

The list of top leaders is ranked in order according to their Alexa rank. Alexa’s traffic rankings are based on the usage patterns of Alexa Toolbar users and data collected from other, diverse sources over a rolling 3-month period. A site’s ranking is based on a combined measure of reach and pageviews. Reach is determined by the number of unique Alexa users who visit a site on a given day. Pageviews are the total number of Alexa user URL requests for a site. However, multiple requests for the same URL on the same day by the same user are counted as a single pageview. The sites with the highest combination of users and pageviews are ranked #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, etc. (i.e. GoogleFacebook, YouTube, Yahoo, Baidu, etc.)

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Cut and paste the below code (gray text) directly into a sidebar text widget or to any page/post on your website. It’s that simple!


<a href=”http://www.charlesspecht.com/top-leaders/”><img src=”http://www.charlesspecht.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/top-leadership-badge.png”/></a>

* Image credit: tsevis (Creative Commons) 


    • says

      Thanks, Ngina, and congratulations! The list is a work in progress and today was my first day of putting together names. I have about 50 or so that I still need to add.

      Alexa ranks websites (about 40,000,000 websites or so) in the order of most visited, with #1 being the most popular. It goes up and down daily, but its a good indicator of how often a website gets visited.

  1. says

    Wow, how great it is to be on this list, and with some of the people I know and whose blogs I’ve visited. What an honor this is; thanks. Now I’m going to go check out your other list as well.

    • says

      It’s a pleasure to make you acquaintance, Mitch. I’m glad to be able to add your name to the list. Your blog posts have been both helpful and insightful to many people.

      I’d appreciate it if you could share the list with those in your circles, and maybe even consider adding the “Top 50 Leaders in Leadership” badge to your website. Thank you!

  2. says

    Hi Charles, thank you. What a huge honor for me to be included on this list, and noticing that so many of my heroes from whom I’ve learned so much are on it, as well. Gratitude to/for you!

    • says

      Dan, I thought about Dave Ramsey as well. One of the things I’m trying to do with this list is to make it as close as I can to people who actually blog about “leadership.” There are certainly a number of subtopics that could fit under that broad topic, but that’s what I’m shooting for. Would you consider Dave to be more of a financial/debt guy, rather than leadership?

      Also, who would you add for purely leadership purposes?

    • says

      Brian, I’ve already checked out your site and it is really good. You’re providing awesome content on leadership. Keep up the great work and I can almost guarantee you’ll make it in the next update. Good stuff!

  3. says

    I’m humbled and honored to be included on your list, Charles.  Especially since I will be at my first anniversary of blogging at the end of December, and am still learning every day. I also love having one list like this to discover other blogs. If only leadership rankings and influence truly were as easy as using an external benchmark like this. We would immediately know our impact. Unfortunately, it’s much more difficult than that and so I will continue to work harder on me than on a metric. If I can improve and get better, it makes me more valuable and a better leader. And having great leaders on this page is an excellent resource for me to work on myself! Thanks for the compilation–some of these folks are my friends, my influencers, and others are new to me. Best wishes!

    • says

      Thanks for the kind words, Skip. 

      Your leadership is impacting tens of thousands of men and women. Just keep focusing on what you’ve been focusing on an everything else will take care of itself, including ranking metrics. After all, leaders don’t focus as much on the numbers game, for that’s what managers do. Leaders set the course and rally the troops. And that’s what you’re doing now. By the way, it’s nice to “meet” you!

  4. Michael Rogers says

    Hi, I would like to submit my blog Teamwork and Leadership Blogging with Michael Rogers for your consideration. I have been blogging for over 4 years and have a large following. I have ranked in the top 30 of socially shared leadership blogs and am currently ranked 22 in Leadership by Invesp.

    My current Alexa Site Rank according to invesp is 453,586. However, my blog was not active for several months in Dec and Jan while I moved it from TypePad to WordPress. But it is up and running now.

    My blog address is http://www.teamworkandleadership.com Thanks!


    • says

      Thanks for your comment. I checked out your blog and you’re providing some great content. I will definitely keep you in mind for the next revision. Thanks Michael.

  5. G Tredgold says

    Gordon Tredgold http:www.leadership-principles.com
    Simple, clear, pragmatic leadership. Transformational leadership

  6. says

    Love your list Charles, and so honored for the inclusion! The links numbers are definitely way off so wherever they get that data, it is seriously flawed. More importantly, I love using this list to go visit various blogs.

    • Charles Specht says

      Thanks, Skip. Yes, the metrics used are probably out of date now. I created the list using ranking data from February 7, 2013. It’s probably due for an update. 😉

  7. says

    Glad to see Mark Miller on this list and imagine he will rank even higher next round! Mark’s blog (http://greatleadersserve.org) is powerful, fresh, practical and energetic. With nearly 12,000 visits to the blog in November alone, his influence is powerful. Mix that with his social media circles including 35,000 followers on Twitter (@LeadersServe) and national media interest, his leadership community is growing rapidly.

    While Mark is a client of ours at Weaving Influence often we feel that his leadership guidance through his writing by far outweighs our service to him. He continually encourages us to grow and be better leaders. Looking forward to seeing him climb in the ranks on your next round!

    Megan Constantino

  8. says

    Thanks so much for compiling this list. Really looking forward to checking out some of the content. Alexa is an interesting thing. I have a good score (217,620), but I know for a fact my traffic is lower than some I rank higher in Alexa on the list. I think sites linking in must be factored in too as I am low on that. And I don’t blog exclusively on leadership, but also grace. It is interesting to learn more about all this “ranking” factors. Anyway, thanks again for a one stop place for great leadership content – what a great resource.

  9. says

    I’m honored to be on the list (especially being one of only five women). I like that your criteria for selection is objective and clearly stated, and I appreciate your including my blog in your data pool.

    • Charles Specht says

      Thanks, Jesse. I would love to include more female leadership bloggers to the list. If you know of any women who blog exclusively about leadership, please leave a comment with their blog information. Thanks!

  10. says

    Hi Charles,

    I appreciate you recognizing Teamwork and Leadership as #15 on your list.

    I want to put your badge up on my site with several other recognitions I have up on my site. But when I paste the below code it isn’t taking. I get a broken jpeg sign instead. Would love to show your badge, let me know if you can help. Thanks.

    Michael Rogers

  11. says

    Charles, I would love for you to look at my blog/podcast site (URL above).

    I’m a speaker, author, and executive consultant that writes about effective leadership, corporate culture, servant leadership, and workplace inspiration.



    S. Chris Edmonds  MacBook Air & iMac

  12. says


    What is his/her name?

    What is the URL to his/her blog?

    What is the main concentration of his/her expertise?

  13. says

    Ron Kuest is a friend, mentor and on the board at my church. He is one of the wisest men I’ve ever been able to spend one on one time with. He is VERY active in spiritual leadership training, and coaches several very high ranking executives.

  14. says

    Wonderful list Charles!

    I would love it if you would consider The Thoughtful Leaders Blog.

    1) What is his/her name? Lisa Kohn and Robyn McLeod from Chatsworth Consulting Group (http://www.chatsworthconsulting.com)
    2) What is the URL to his/her blog? http://www.thoughtfulleaders.com
    3) What is the main concentration of his/her expertise? Leadership Development, People Management and Team Building, Strategic Communications and Thinking, Change Management, and Executive Coaching

    Thank you for the consideration,


  15. says

    We would love to be considered for inclusion:
    What is his/her name? General Leadership (a multi-author leadership blog)
    What is the URL to his/her blog? http://www.GeneralLeadership.com
    What is the main concentration of his/her expertise? General Leadership shares leadership insights and advice from America’s top military leaders (active and retired Colonels and Generals). With a monthly radio show on SiriusXM, audio podcasts, videoblogs, interviews and articles, the site brings the experience of proven command-level leaders to a large subscribership!

  16. says

    Great list. One of the things I notice about all these lists is that the people who are having an impact are taking a long term approach and sticking at it over a longer time period.

    That in many ways sets them apart from the majority.

  17. says


    You’ve put in a lot of time and thought and meaningful criteria for the group. Much appreciation for being included; I hope your efforts make it easier for readers–for all of us–to quickly discover new and interesting writers.

    With best regards,


  18. says

    Simply want to say your article is as surprising.
    The clearness in your post is simply nice and i can assume you are
    an expert on this subject. Well with your permission allow me to grab your
    RSS feed to keep updated with forthcoming post. Thanks a million and
    please keep up the rewarding work.

  19. says

    Hi Charles.

    Great list! I’m a huge fan of so many folks on it. Thanks for compiling it.

    We’d love to be considered for addition to it. We blog exclusively about leadership. You can find us at http://www.thoughtleadersllc.com. Our Alexa rank should put is squarely in this pack (somewhere between Tanveer Naseer and Jesse Lyn Stoner). One note – Alexa just rebuilt their algorithm so you might need to rerun your list as I know a lot of blogs have shifted rank due to the new algorithm.


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