ideal reader bible verseAre You My Ideal Reader?

My primary goal is to help Christians live the life they’ve always wanted. That is, my goal is to help them live the life God wants them to live. (And, yes, I believe they should be one and the same.)

If you were to review the archive of this blog’s historical content, you’ll find articles covering a wide variety of topics. I have merged at least two other blogs with this one since early 2011, so you’ll find a lot of articles dealing with topics such as:

  • Biblical Theology
  • Motivational Quotes
  • Pastoral Resume Q & A
  • Life in the Local Church
  • Productivity & Personal Development
  • Adoption, Parenting & Marriage
  • Leadership & Leadership Interviews
  • Social Media & Blogging/Writing
  • Evangelism and The Great Commission
  • Etc. (Miscellaneous)

But much of that is older content from those other blogs. It’s not–necessarily–the sort of content I’m producing today for my ideal reader.

What is an Ideal Reader?

Below you will find two fictitious examples of what I consider to be the “ideal reader” of my current content. These two fictitious examples (one female and one male) are what the “average” reader might look like (not physically, of course, but in life, lifestyle, dreams, goals, problems, aspirations, etc.) for the content I am currently creating. I hope you find yourself in one of these two “ideal reader” personas, because then you would know that the content I’m creating is specifically for you!

I pray that God blesses you through what you read, learn, and digest here. Moreover, I hope that you put it into practice and begin living the life God intends for you to live.

FEMALE Version of My Ideal Reader

(“Jane Smith”)

“Jane” might have white or brown or black skin. In fact, the “Jane” described here might look just like you.
Age: Doesn’t Matter
Gender: Female
Nationality: All types
Income Level: Middle Class
Occupation: Stay-At-Home Mom or Employed
Marital Status: Married (or soon to be)
Religion: Christian

Jane Smith is a friendly, slightly introverted woman who considers herself to be a “normal, everyday kind of woman.”

She is currently married (or hopes to be married soon!), but isn’t quite content with her marriage at this point in time as the level of communication with her husband is not where it should be. Jane has three children in the home whom she loves dearly, but they’re driving her up the wall (in an expected way). Her husband just doesn’t “get it” and that’s one of the main reasons why she’s currently researching how to add “more meaning” to her life.

Jane is a religious person, believes in God, and considers having a relationship with Jesus Christ to be one of the most important things about her, but she is struggling spiritually at the moment. She wants to have a closer relationship with God, knows she ought to attend church services more regularly, to read her Bible and pray more often, but she just doesn’t know how to make it all fit together in her family’s active 24/7 lifestyle. When people ask how she’s doing, she smiles brightly and responds with, “Fine,” but deep down she knows that’s not the truth. Jane desperately wants something “more” but not only does she not know how to get it, she has no idea what “it” is that she needs.

Jane is either a stay-at-home mom or has a 20-40 hour per week job at a local business, but she doesn’t feel “fulfilled.” She’s been considering starting a side business while taking care of the kids, or quitting her current J.O.B. in order to pursue her life’s passion of helping other people.

Jane is an optimist who wants to ascend to the “next level” in life and lifestyle, as a loving wife and mother, and as a godly woman who pleases the Lord, but she lacks self-confidence and feels she needs a lot of help to get to where she wants to be. She desires to help other women like herself and believes she has a message that needs to be heard by people all around the world, but is short on the courage to make it happen.

Jane is an avid reader of books, uses her smart phone regularly, watches YouTube videos, wants to lose 10-15 pounds (and keep it off this time!), to feel more secure about herself and her family’s future, and has been searching the internet for anyone who may have the answers she’s looking for.

MALE Version of My Ideal Reader

(“Michael Smith”)

“Michael” might have white or brown or black skin. In fact, the “Michael” described here might look just like you.
Age: Doesn’t Matter
Gender: Male
Nationality: All types
Income Level: Middle Class
Occupation: Employed; Looking for Change
Marital Status: Married (or soon to be)
Religion: Christian

Michael Smith is the kind of guy who certainly doesn’t hate his life but does secretly wish he could go back in time and do a few things differently!

He considers himself to be a fun and personable man who has a lot to offer the world, but isn’t quite “there” yet. He may be married at the moment, but has been questioning the level of “success” in his marriage lately. Michael has three active children whom he loves and wants to provide for, but the pressures of the world are overwhelming him right now. His wife just doesn’t “get it,” isn’t fully supportive, regularly compares him to other men, and that’s one of the main reasons he’s searching for “more meaning” in his life.

Michael is religious (he is a Christian), believes having a relationship with God is very important, but is struggling spiritually. He would like to have a closer relationship with God, knows he needs to attend church services more regularly or get involved in a ministry of some kind, but he doesn’t know how to make it all fit together in his family’s active 24/7 lifestyle.

He watches sports, wants to make more money for his family, to put his own “dent” in the world, but lately has been wondering what he will have truly accomplished once he leaves this world for good. When friends or co-workers ask how he’s been doing lately, he smiles back and says either, “Great” or “Fine,” but he knows that’s not really the full story. Michael desperately wants something “more” out of life, to do something that matters, to help other people, but not only doesn’t he know what “that” is, he feels imprisoned by current financial obligations (mortgage, bills, etc.) and a family to feed and doesn’t think he could change—even if he miraculously figured out what it is he truly wants to do with his life going forward.

Michael has a steady job and he’s able to pay the bills, but he stopped looking forward to Monday’s a long time ago. He’s been seriously considering starting a side business, but is having difficulty “pulling the trigger” on what that business ought to look like. He hasn’t told his wife much about his plans because she’ll freak out and that’ll just add to his already high stress level.

But Michael is an optimist at heart. He believes God is preparing him for something “new, different or more,” but can’t figure out what it is. The truth of the matter is that Michael desperately wants to honor God, to love his wife more and to be the father the Bible commands him to be, but he feels like a failure and needs someone to show him the way.

Michael is an avid reader of “how to” books, books on leadership, business, confidence and motivation, is technologically savvy, listens to podcasts, and has been searching the internet for anyone who may have the answers he’s looking for.

QUESTION: Do you relate to either of these people? In other words, are you one of my ideal readers? (Please comment below and let me know your thoughts.)

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    • Great to have you with us, iLse. I hope to provide you with amazing tips and resources to get you to the next level. You’re about to become a much better Jane! 😉


  1. I am pretty close to Michael. I have had a business failure, not too painful but still escaping the backwash. have a secod business project on the backburner which will get a little more time and oxygen in the new year.
    Will be doing some research via your site
    Now planning for the new year start now and give it a kick start

  2. This is awesome…people with common grounds. I am spiritual woman, hear me roar…don’t go to the rooftop though.

  3. Hello Charles,
    I’m a 60 year old, divorced (not my choice), mother of four, grandmother to seven,
    Jesus loving woman who needs to be more intentional about the time I have left
    here on planet earth. So thanks for your assistance along this line, but please be
    open to those of us who are older and single.

    Bless you and your family!