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“This book reads like a hot knife through butter because of the writer’s engaging style, vivid illustrations, and soul-penetrating subject matter. Yet, serious readers will be stopped in their tracks constantly for self-evaluation.”

- BRIAN SHEALY, Pastor & Former Academic Dean, The Cornerstone Seminary

“Everyone is seeking the answer to a common question—what does God want for my life? Charles Specht has written a book that helps everyone find the right conclusion to that God-sized question. Revealed is a journey of discovery of God's will and God's way. Read it, and buy one for a fellow traveler too!”

- BRANDON COX, Pastor of Grace Hills Church, Editor of

“As a pastor, the most common questions I receive revolve around discovering God's will. I think most believers want to do God's will. They simply aren't sure where or how to find it. That's why I'm thankful Charles tackled this subject. I'm excited about this Revealed project. The church needs it!”

- RON EDMONDSON, Senior Pastor of Immanuel Baptist Church, Blogger at

“Charles has a fascinating way of bringing light to the truth. In an objective but incredibly direct fashion, he uses Scripture to raise a challenge to each and every one of us. Revealed is a fresh reminder of God's feelings toward us, and how our decision to follow Him should transform our soul.”

- BRIAN GARDNER, CPO & Partner, Copyblogger Media, LLC; Blogger at

Revealed is a book that challenged me as a Christian. We think that the will of God in our life is a big mystery, but Charles shows us how clearly it's laid out in the Word. Right after I got done reading this book, I literally got on my knees and asked for forgiveness! You should pick up a copy of this book and open up your mind to what you'll learn—and be ready to take action!”

- KIMANZI CONSTABLE, Author, International Speaker and Consultant, Blogger at

Revealed is written straight from a pastor's heart. It's a call for you to find your purpose and a map to living an authentic life.”

- SKIP PRICHARD, Former CEO, Ingram Content Group, Inc.; Speaker & Blogger at

Currently available for purchase at:

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