weekly schedule templateHow’s your life right now? That good, huh?

Are you busy? Somewhat overwhelmed? Maybe even slightly edgy or frantic? Are you having a hard time figuring where you need to be, and when? Are you flying through your day by the seat of your pants, not knowing exactly what it is you should be doing at any given moment of your day?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, I’m happy to inform you that you are a perfect candidate for someone who needs a weekly schedule template.

What in the world is a weekly schedule template?

I’m so glad you asked, because it just might be the very thing you need to take back control of your life!

What a Weekly Schedule Template Can Do For You

First off, it’s confession time. I must confess that I didn’t come up with this amazing idea myself. Thus, I give 100% of the credit to Michael Hyatt who wrote a blog post (How to better control your time by designing your ideal week) a couple of years ago that introduced me to the concept. And I must say, it is proving daily to be one the best things I’ve ever tackled in my life.

I’m totally convinced that it will help you as well. But you must get started first!

You see, like so many others out there, I’m one of those people who can sniff the day away and then around 9:00 p.m. ask myself, “What exactly did I accomplish today?” and I’m not able to give a definitive answer. At least not an answer I am confident in or pleased with. But that has changed, and it continues to change with every passing day.

What Is A Weekly Schedule Template?

A weekly schedule template is a graph (of sorts) that outlines—in an organized way—what your Sunday through Saturday will look like, from the moment you wake up until you fall asleep at night. It keeps you on track. It helps to increase productivity and personal growth. It focuses my leadership, my influence, and it reminds me of what needs to get done and when.

In my weekly schedule template, you’ll see that I breakdown my week into categories. This categories are:

  • Time to sleep and rest
  • Wake up & Breakfast
  • Prayer & Devotions
  • Stretching & Cardio Exercise
  • Creating a “to do” list at the very BEGINNING of the work day
  • Work & Ministry
  • Travel time (by car)
  • Eating and Relaxing
  • Family time and time with my wife
  • Writing (blogging)
  • Sermon preparation
  • Family Devotions
  • And even, ironing the clothes for the entire family on Saturday night (for church the next morning!)

Ultimately, when I abide by my weekly schedule template, things happen. When I don’t follow it, things get lost, dropped, forgotten, and ignored altogether.

How to Create Your Own Personal Weekly Schedule Template

Below is a screenshot of what my “average” (or ideal) week looks like. New and/or important events will certainly pop up from time to time, but as you will see, there is not a minute of my week unaccounted for. This is by design.

Ideal Week

How To Create Your Own Weekly Schedule Template

What you need to do in order to create your own Weekly Schedule Template is as follows:

  1. Download my weekly schedule template for yourself (in Microsoft Excel), or begin your own from scratch.
  2. Start with Sunday and work your way down the day, blocking out segments of your day into different color-coded blocks. Clearly mark what you should be doing in that block of time.
  3. As you create your blocks of time, you may need to edit the time schedule in the far left.
  4. Work your way all the way through Saturday.
  5. HINT: Try to be as honest and precise with your schedule as possible. This is a tool, and a tool is only as good as it is sharp. This isn’t the time for “wishing” what your week would look like, but what it actually is. The more precise, detailed, and realistic it is, the better the tool will serve you.
  6. Have your spouse (if you’re married) look it over for inconsistencies and/or potential problems in your time allotment. When I completed mine, I gave it to my wife to review before I knew that I was done. I wanted to be sure that she was comfortable with the amount of time I devoted to her and my children. (As an FYI, one of the great things about completing your own personal weekly schedule template is that you’ll see what is hoarding your time and attention. It is amazing to realize how much time is wasted on worthless things when you put it on paper.)
  7. Once your spouse gives you the thumbs up, print out a few color copies and keep them where they will be readily accessible for review. I personally keep one at home, one in the work folder, one in my bag, one in my Bible, and one on my iPhone. Remember, if it is out of sight, it won’t be long before it is out of mind!

In summary, one of the first components to influence, leadership, and personal development is that you need to break the shackles of being a slave to sloth. The way I was able to do this was by creating a weekly schedule template that is reasonable, can be easily edited as significant events take place in life (i.e. a new job, a new ministry, having a baby, etc.), and keeps me on track.

If you’re bold enough to give it a try, I’m utterly convinced that it will change your life. It has too, as it will definitely organize your week.

In case you missed it, here’s the free weekly schedule template to download once again.

QUESTION: If you have created a weekly schedule template in the past, did you find it helpful? If you have never created one before, what is stopping you from doing so? (Please answer below in the comments)

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  1. If you have created a weekly schedule template in the past, did you find it helpful? If you have never created one before, what is stopping you from doing so?

  2. Haven’t done this but a long time ago a couple we knew did something like this. The husband was going to both college and seminary at the same time and the wife was also working. It was the only way they could get everything done that needed doing.

  3. I had this around 8 or 14 years before but now i only keep a daily To-do list instead.

    I got used to the times i do the same things..
    Now i only list the things that need to be accomplished within the day or the next for those are the things that are not really included in my routine.

    Weekly sched is best for those who haven’t got used to their scheds yet. For example they moved to a new house or had a new additional job, new long-term projects, etc..
    But when everything got so routinary, i would just need to have a list of the exact things that have to be done in a day, ie attend meeting, give exams, etc – those that are not really included in my daily activities like travel, exercise, lunch, etc.

  4. For a nurse like me who has a different duty shifts, it’s quite difficult to follow the template. But it is helpful.

  5. Thank you for sharing this weekly schedule. I have never made one but I also realise I am struggling with discipline in several areas of my life – school, exercise and good diet. I’m praying this will help me organise myself. I’ll share it with my husband. Thanks once again. I feel God has spoken to me. Really.