The “American Church” looks vastly different than other churches outside this country.  But is that solely due to cultural differences, or is something more sinister to blame?

Jesus said to give up our earthly treasures in exchange for Him, but many “Christians” today associate with Christ only so that He’ll increase their stash of shiny possessions.  That is the exact opposite of biblical discipleship.

Where did “American Christianity” miss the mark?

Jesus said to pick up our cross and die daily for Him, yet many churchgoers are looking for a better life now.  They assume Jesus is little more than a celestial Genie who desires nothing more than to grant them their three greatest wishes (health, wealth, and lasting happiness.)  They’re looking for a divine Butler–not the Sovereign Lord of heaven and earth.

Why is that?  Do you agree with me?  If not…why not.  If you do agree, then what are you doing to influence others around you for the glory of God?

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  1. I agree With you but I think it’s important not to be lawful of course it depends on where you come from. To die for Christ u first have to get to know him and understand that it’s a relationship and that if you do what tells you he can transform you life and make you more like him. More joy, freedom, love and blessings instead of beeing bound to material things that will keep you in fear. If you only hear what God requires of you and not what he will give you life can be pretty hard.