Wise As A Serpent: God’s Will For Your Life Today

God is no fool. His children aren’t to be marked by foolishness, either. Here's what Jesus said you are to be: "Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves; so be shrewd as serpents and innocent as doves" (Matthew 10:16). God’s design for His children is that you be wise, not foolish. To be foolish is to do something other than what is the obvious and correct choice. For example, walking against ... Continue

Employment: God’s Will For Your Life Regarding Your Job

Fact: Most people don’t love their jobs, the people they work with, or the boss they report to. Actually, most people flat-out hate and loathe what they do for a living. What about you? Do you love or despise the work you do to earn a living? Did you know that God's plan...from the very beginning of time...was for people to blessed while working? It's true. Adam's job was to tend the Garden of Eden. That ... Continue

What Does The Bible Say About Christians And Politics?

Another important area of your life where God has specifically revealed His will is regarding your need to be submissive. Rather than be bossy, domineering, or self-seeking, Christians are to be submissive, both to one another and to the government ruling over them. In today’s contemporary American society, there are some Christians who place a rather unhealthy emphasis on politics or social issues, both ... Continue

What Does The Bible Say About Giving Your Money And Time Away?

The people of God are people who give their resources back to God and His people. At least they're supposed to be. Everything you have ever received comes down from your heavenly Father, and so God wants you to be marked as a person who gives. Question: Are you a giving person? Writing about the many churches throughout Macedonia, the apostle Paul boasted that they were an extremely giving bunch of ... Continue

What Does The Bible Say About Christians Serving In Ministry?

When a man or woman is saved, sanctified, repentant, thankful and prayerful, the obvious result is that such a person will be faithfully serving others in ministry. Period, and without question! Show me a Christian not involved in ministry and we’ll both be staring at someone depressed spiritually. There are no lone-ranger Christians in your local assembly. Every one of God’s children is to be actively ... Continue

What Does The Bible Say About Being Thankful And Prayerful?

God’s Will Is That You Be Thankful We're talking about how a person can know what God's will is for their life. One of the things we're learning is that God's will is more about being the person God has called you to be, rather than trying to figure out what God is up to. A major aspect of God’s will for your life is that you be a thankful person. That's right, thankful. Question: Are you a thankful ... Continue

What Does The Bible Say About Sexual Purity And Substance Abuse?

What if God saved you from your sin, but left you absolutely alone and without any power for the rest of your life? Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if He did that? I have. What does the Bible say about such things? I'm so glad you asked! Salvation is the greatest gift we could ever receive from God. It is more than simply not going to Hell for eternity. Salvation means you get to enjoy ... Continue

The Secret To Knowing God’s Will For Your Life

In case you haven’t noticed, road signs are rather helpful bits of metal and paint. They’re practically everywhere. You will find them in private alleys, on most street corners in residential neighborhoods, hanging on the walls in teenage boys bedrooms, in bumper-to-bumper highway traffic, and also along old country roads where’s there not a soul in sight for hundreds of miles. Essentially, road signs are ... Continue

God’s Will For Your Life: Guest Posting At Jesus & My Orange Juice

I had the opportunity to do something this morning that I haven't really done much of (okay, none!) in the past. It is, however, something I plan to do more and more of in the future. It's called guest posting. In other words, I wrote an article specifically for another blog, which is primarily authored by Shannon Milholland. The blog is called Jesus & My Orange Juice and you can read the article by ... Continue

Gossip: Where In The Bible Does It Say This Is Good Conversation?

I've recently written about a few other controversial issues in the church, such as music, how to find a wife, dancing, sex, and alcohol. This article is all about gossip. Enjoy! ________________________ A couple of weekends ago I took my kids to the park. They were playing on the swings and we parents were all huddled off to the side, sipping coffee and enjoying the happy times. A man soon called my name ... Continue

Music: Where In The Bible Does It Say How To Worship God?

Have you ever thought about where in the Bible does it say anything about music and--specifically---how God has instructed us to worship Him in song? I have. When it comes to the music played and sung on Sunday morning in churches across America, most Christians are more likely to extol their opinion about this issue than even the sermon that was just preached. In fact, many Christians will even leave or ... Continue

Where In The Bible Does It Say How To Find A Wife?

Ever wondered how to find the spouse of your dreams? Maybe you thought going to college was the best way, or church, or even moving to a bigger city. But---according to the Bible---how did people back then find wives for their men? An interesting question to be sure. I've recently blogged about gossip, pastors drinking alcohol, sexual relations, music in church, and "gray areas" such as dancing. But where ... Continue

Where In The Bible Does It Say Christians Shouldn’t Dance?

Here is a most blessed truth: The Bible is filled with hundreds and hundreds of commandments! It is not filled with recommendations, or suggestions, or guidelines, or even tips for getting a better life now, either. God issues commands, because He is the all sovereign One. Question: Have you ever wondered where in the Bible does it say anything about the "gray" areas of life? It is important to realize ... Continue

Sex: Where In The Bible Does It Say This Is A Good Thing?

Sex. Almost everyone thinks about it, has questions about it, talks about it, and reads about it. But when it comes to many contemporary American Christian circles, too often we pretend like sex is bad, scandalous, and even taboo. Oh, maybe not entirely sinful, per se, but certainly not something we can openly discuss. Especially with teenagers in the room. Or is it? Question: Where in the Bible does it ... Continue

Where In The Bible Does It Say That Pastors Can’t Drink Beer?

Have you ever asked questions like: Where in the Bible does it say that it's wrong for someone to drink beer, or to gossip, or dance, or talk publicly about sex, or smoke cigarettes, or listen to rap music, or find a wife, or...? Question: Is it wrong for a pastor to ever drink wine or other alcoholic beverages? Before we address those questions particularly, consider these three "real-life" scenarios and ... Continue

Christian Women Have The Power To Change The World

I'm convinced that the most influential people on planet Earth are mothers. Not presidents or queens or CEO's. Just plain 'ole moms. Yes, women a lot like your mom, and mine, too. Women bring people into the world (literally) and are directly responsible for raising them up. They teach, clean, cook, exhort, discipline, and reward us when the time is right. If it weren't for godly mother's, just imagine how ... Continue