My publisher is reworking the exterior cover design and interior format of my book, REVEALED: God’s Will for Your Life.

REVEALED (Cover Options)

Above is a PDF link for 6 cover designs to choose from. The main differences are the font type and size of the endorsement at the top of the cover, and how the subtitle and author’s name appear at the bottom.

If you would, in the comments section below, tell me which of the 6 designs you like the most and why.

Also, if you like one design for the top endorsement but another design for the subtitle and author name, tell me that as well.

Thank you so much! Your opinion is greatly appreciated!


Reader Interactions


  1. Hi Charles, I really like the first cover. I like the boldness of the font of “God’s Will” and I think having on the righthand side invites the reader to open the book. I don’t know if it matters but I actually became the “Dean” at Cornerstone eventually. If you can still remove “Academic” you could, but it doesn’t matter to me. I’m honored that my endorsement could be helpful. Grace and peace, Brian

    • Thanks Brian. I suspect that change can be made to the exterior testimonial but I’ll have to check on the inside.

      I also like having the below information off to the right side.

  2. I like #4 – not sure why. It is just the one that looked the most “visually appealing” to me. Maybe because of how it is streamlined. I also liked the font and how “God’s will” and your last name were bold on opposite sides of the line. It looks very nice. Any one that you choose will be great!

  3. Good afternoon, Charles. I chose #4
    because the beginning title (top) and bottom title and your name are both spread widely apart and therefore match and are centered. Has a uniformity and I think looks appealing.