Help Me Choose A New Cover For My Book


My publisher is reworking the exterior cover design and interior format of my book, REVEALED: God’s Will for Your Life.

REVEALED (Cover Options)

Above is a PDF link for 6 cover designs to choose from. The main differences are the font type and size of the endorsement at the top of the cover, and how the subtitle and author’s name appear at the bottom.

If you would, in the comments section below, tell me which of the 6 designs you like the most and why.

Also, if you like one design for the top endorsement but another design for the subtitle and author name, tell me that as well. [Read more...]

A List Of The World’s Top Leadership Blogs

As of today there are well over 100,000,000 websites floating around the world. Some estimate the number to be closer to 200,000,000. That is a lot of blog posts, web design, and comments.

But have you ever wondered which of those 100,000,000 or so are worth reading? I have, and that’s why I started compiling a list of top leadership blogs to follow in various niches from all around the globe.

I recently heard a definition of leadership and it went like this:

Leadership is influence.

I like this definition of leadership for a number of reasons. It is concise, truthful, authentic, yet it also has the possibility of being both positive and negative. And that is the reality about leadership; it can be both positive and negative or—if you will—good or evil.

An Example Of Bad Leadership

One of the worst people to ever walk the face of the planet was Adolph Hitler, for obvious reasons. He was a mighty, powerful, evil leader. He had influence and people followed him, to their own detriment. I think Hitler is the perfect example of negative leadership. I wouldn’t suggest anyone trying to mimic his leadership style, and I certainly wouldn’t suggest following anyone who believed in the things he did.

Examples Of Good Leadership

But there are also many, many positive leaders around the world, both past and present. These are the people who are world changers. They are making a positive dent in the world, sometimes tearing a brand new hole in the machine of their niche, and people are quite happy about that, thank you very much!

I want to follow good people. I want to see how they are affecting others around them, influencing people for the greater good, making a substantial impact in the lives of the people who are giving them the time of day.

The Top Leadership Blogs

That’s why you should start following the people on my list of top leadership blogs. These are people worth listening to. So check out the list and considering following a few of these people. You just might learn a thing or two.

Below is the link to my:

Top Leadership Blogs

QUESTION: What do you think about this list of leaders and top leadership blogs? Who do you think should be added?

[stextbox id="custom"]Disclaimer: Although I am recommending these people as leaders, I do not necessarily endorse everything they do, say, believe, or otherwise. Use wisdom and discretion in all things and you’ll do well in life.[/stextbox]

 * Image credit: tsevis (Creative Commons)

An Elevator Pitch For Your Church (Guest Post at

There are about 50,000,000 things that can happen in and around the church to accelerate ministry and encourage the brethren. The challenge is to focus on that which is most needed and will prove to be most beneficial in the end.

What should you focus on at your church? Well, how about an elevator pitch?


Yes. An elevator pitch for churches. In other words, a short two or three sentence statement regarding what your church is about and why someone would want to attend your church rather than any of the others.

If  I asked a dozen people at your church to give me the main reasons why I should come next Sunday, do you think they could give me an adequate answer? Probably not, which is why an elevator pitch might be necessary.

Guest Posting At

I have the privilege of guest posting at today and my article is about churches and elevator pitches. This is my second article for them. My first article had to do with funny church bulletin bloopers.

You should go over to and read the article itself, which is titled, 7 Reasons Your Church Needs To Develop An Elevator Pitch.

Leave a comment after that article and let’s start a conversation! Blessings to you.

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How To Build A Better Bio For Twitter

Do you have a Twitter account yet? If you don’t, you really should consider setting one up. Like…today would be soon enough!

If you are a blogger or plan to blog at all, having an active Twitter account is essential to ensuring success and generating traffic to your blog. You need a great bio for Twitter.

One of the first things you’ll need to do after setting up your Twitter account is to begin following other people who you find interesting or have something in common with.

When you decide to follow someone on Twitter, what’s the first thing you look at?

[Read more...]

Help Me Write A Better Book Summary And Author Bio

Hey, would you mind doing me a favor? Pretty please?

My very first book is just beginning the editing process and the cover design is about to get under way. Yeah!

My book is called God’s Will Revealed, and it is scheduled to be released in March 2013. It is going to be published by Ellechor Publishing.

I’m so excited!

My publisher just emailed me with a few thoughts about the book summary and my author bio.

What Is A Book Summary?

The book summary is what you read on the back cover of the book. It tells you about what the book is about (I know, duh!) and attempts to spark some interest to get you to buy the book.

The author bio tells you about the author (again, duh!) and is also usually found on the back of the cover or toward the end of the book itself.

I feel like my summary and author bio needs some tweaking. Would you mind reading both and then let me know your thoughts in the comments section below?

Feel free to be harsh, critical, and overly opinionated. I can take it. Actually, the more comments and opinions you provide—the better my book will become.

If you’re open to helping me out, that’s awesome! If not, it is still awesome…but you’re not as awesome as you could be. ;-)

Thanks in advance!

[stextbox id="custom" caption="Book Summary (working draft)"]

God’s Will Revealed

Charles Specht

Living a blessed and highly satisfied life is by no means beyond your reach. God desires for every Christian to know, understand, and fulfill the plan He’s charted for their personal life.

What does God want you to do with your life?

Stop stumbling, guessing, and wondering about what God would have you do with your life! God’s Will Revealed teaches Christians how to better discern the unanswered questions in life by being more passionate about what God has already disclosed to us, the Bible. Fulfill God’s plan for your life!

“For God has not given us a spirit of timidity, but of power and love and self-control.”  II Timothy 1:7


[stextbox id="custom" caption="My author bio (working draft)"]

About the Author

Charles Specht is an author and pastor, centering his ministry on the glory of God, and pushing the envelope of intentional Christianity. He’s about spiritual transparency, stepping out of the ministry closet, and going public with our dreams, hopes, and God-given gifts. He has a passion for technology, for reading and writing, and for figuring out how to better serve others for the glory of God alone. Charles resides in California with his wife, Kathy, and their five children.

You can visit his personal website at and follow his blog at


QUESTION: What should I change, add or edit to make these better? Please comment below.

* Image credit: *Sage* TokyoChicago (Creative Commons)

6 Steps That Will Help You Start A Blog & Maintain Your Blogging Mojo

Ready to start a blog?

So…you have done the initial work to start a blog but you just can’t seem to stay motivated. You know you need to publish blog posts frequently in order to build a loyal tribe, but you’re sporadic at best. Or perhaps you’ve been blogging regularly, but you’re starting to run out of steam.

Here are 6 ways you can maintain your blogging motivation. [Read more...]

7 Reasons Why You Should Start A Blog Today

start a blog

Start A Blog

Why do you want to start a blog, exactly?

There are no doubt hundreds of good reasons why Christians start blogging, but they can all be boiled down to only seven. (At least that is what I plan to do here, so hopefully this works!)

Because blogging platforms like WordPress, and blogging themes like Standard Theme and the Genesis Theme Framework provide anyone with a computer and internet access the ability to set up a blog, new blogs are constantly popping up on a variety of topics and for a number of reasons.

But why do Christians start blogging in the first place? What motivates us to put our thoughts and ideas out there in the blogosphere? Here are the seven reasons why. [Read more...]

3 Types Of Headlines That Convert Internet Surfers Into Loyal Followers Of Your Blog

headlines that convert_ostrich

Headlines That Convert

I recently blogged about the first three types of headlines that convert people into avid readers of your tribe. After all, that’s what you want, right?

You want people to read your posts. You want them to learn, to grow, to subscribe, and to tell others about your blog…so that those new readers will themselves learn, grow, subscribe, and become your blog’s greatest evangelists as well.

That’s what this article will empower you to do. [Read more...]

3 Tips For Creating Killer Headlines That Convert “Lookers” Into Readers


Headlines That Convert

Think about this for a moment (as we consider headlines that convert)…

When you last strolled aimlessly through the aisles of Barnes & Noble (sipping your iced coffee), what stimulus caused you to pick up a random book from off the shelf? Some people choose randomly based upon the colorful exterior design. Others snatch it up because the title sparked a flame of insatiable curiosity.

What about you?

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3 Mind-Blowing Tips On How To Get Traffic To Your Christian Blog

Do you write a blog?

Maybe you’re a Christian mommy-blogger, or you have a blog about theology, or parenting, or leadership, or homeschooling? Wondering how to get traffic flowing at that blog?

There are millions of blogs floating around the blogosphere right now. The challenge is getting internet surfers to stop by for just a few minutes and actually read what you wrote.

That’s a tough thing to do!

Wrong! It’s not as tough as you might think, and here’s why.

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