Arguments Against Gay Marriage (Christian Thoughts on the Gay Marriage Debate)

In this article I plan to write about the Christian arguments against gay marriage. Practically everyone in the mainstream media seems to be discussing why gay marriage should be legalized, but in this article I plan to offer my own Christian thoughts on the gay marriage debate. My perspective is derived out of being the pastor of a Christian church in the rather liberal state of California, USA. I am a ... Continue

What Women Want in a Man (I Personally Struggle With the 4th One on the List)

Maybe you've heard that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. But that's just silly because our space shuttles haven't even landed on Mars yet! Seriously, though. Men and women are different, aren't they? Not different as in opposite-sides-of-the-same-coin different, but different as in fire-vs-water kind of different. Do you know what I mean? If there is any Bible passage that illuminates ... Continue

13 Truths About Christian Fellowship. (#10 Might Be My Most Favorite)

One of the greatest parts about being a lover of the only true and living God is the Christian fellowship that goes along with it. It amazes me how so many "Christians" today disregard Christian fellowship and place it so low on the weekly to-do list that it never even becomes a priority. Too many people reject the biblical mandate of Christian fellowship for other things like athletics for the kids. ... Continue

6 Ways on How to Fix a Relationship between a Husband and a Wife

As I stated in a previous article on ways a husband can show love to his wife: Marriage ain't easy! Marriage can hurt, can be painful, and it oftentimes can feel more like a roller-coaster than a smooth boat ride on a calm lake. There and up's and there are down's. Sometimes those down's feel so low you want to quit, pack up your bags and leave. But there is light at the end of the tunnel for those who ... Continue

8 Reasons Why Sober Thinking Leads to Effective Christian Ministry

Humble people serve other people, while proud people wait to be served.   If you're getting to a point in your spiritual walk with the Lord where you want to excel and do more kingdom work, I have good news for you: God wants that for you as well! QUESTION: How can you increase your current level of faithfulness when it comes to serving people inside and outside of your local church? ANSWER: ... Continue

7 Reasons Why the Pursuit of Excellence is Better than Settling for Mediocrity

I'm learning (though I'm never quite learning it fast enough) that the pursuit of excellence in everything I do is infinitely better than settling for mediocrity. It should seem obvious that the pursuit of excellence in everything you do would be the surest road to maximizing your potential, yet so few of us strive to do just that. Why is that? Rather than settle for average, why don't we give it ... Continue

Awana Theme Nights, Awana Games, and Children’s Ministry

Awana. It is right around the corner. For my church, it is coming next Wednesday. (Yikes!) And with the kickoff of Awana games and children's ministry in general, that means it's time to outline our Awana Theme Nights. And that means loads of fun! Awana is a wonderful ministry that gives children the opportunity to learn about Jesus Christ and God's holy Word, as well as playing games, having fun with ... Continue

Christian Pick Up Lines (Part 2)

One of the most popular articles here on my blog is the one I wrote on Christian Pick Up Lines (click here to read that post). It gets nearly 200 unique readers every day from Google searches alone. Since this is the case, I've decided to provide a follow-up article that provides even more cheesy Christian Pick Up Lines. (Because...and let's face it, can never hear too many pickup lines, ... Continue

What If God Hired A Search Committee To Find His Prophets, Apostles and Pastors?

What if God hired a search committee to find pastors like churches today do to find pastors? Maybe the results would come back like the following? Search Committee Report: The following is a confidential report on several candidates being considered for our new Pastor. Adam: Good man but problems with his wife. Also one reference told of how his wife and he enjoy walking nude in the woods. Noah: Former ... Continue

An Elevator Pitch For Your Church (Guest Post at

There are about 50,000,000 things that can happen in and around the church to accelerate ministry and encourage the brethren. The challenge is to focus on that which is most needed and will prove to be most beneficial in the end. What should you focus on at your church? Well, how about an elevator pitch? Whoa...what? Yes. An elevator pitch for churches. In other words, a short two or three sentence ... Continue

Baptism: What Does The Bible Say About It?

I became the senior pastor of Faith Baptist Church just a few months ago. There are lots of exciting challenges and victories in pastoral ministry. One of the problems I don't mind ever having too many of is a mass of believers who want to get baptized. We're having a baptism service at our church on September 9th and we've got a problem. Too many people showed up for the baptism class to get baptized. ... Continue

Dying For The Glory Of God

When you woke up this morning, what did you do? Did you eat any breakfast? Maybe go to the gym? Hug your children? Go to work? Shoot some basketball? Take a walk? What did you do? Whatever you did, however, I assume you probably didn't think you would have to die today for the glory of God. No one ever wakes up, looks at their to-do list and says, "Ah yes, I have a conference call at 8:00 a.m. with a ... Continue

Christian Pick Up Lines Guaranteed To Keep You “Single” For The Rest Of Your Life

I am so proud to be able to say that I have never used a lame pick up line with a girl. (Please, don't ask my wife. Shh!) Christian pick up lines are funny, awkward, cheesy, and if I ever hear my sons use them when they get older I'll disown them in the blink of an eye! (Either that or use it on my wife and see if it works. LOL.) Men...ladies...are you guilty of ever using lame Christian pick up lines ... Continue

A Funny Christian Joke (Or Two)

I love a funny Christian joke every now and then. Who doesn't like to laugh, after all? I think that too often we take things about our faith waaaaay too seriously. Don't you agree? By the way, if you think the below jokes are funny, you should read this other article I wrote that gives about 30 more Christian jokes. Christian Jokes & Other Funny Stories That Will Make You Smile I also wrote a post ... Continue

Homosexuality: What Does The Bible Say About It?

I had an uncle who suffered greatly and eventually died of AIDS nearly fifteen years ago. He lived a homosexual lifestyle in San Francisco. A few days ago I went to Starbucks for an iced coffee. There was a lesbian couple there that kept touching one another, hugging, and even kissed once or twice. A few years ago I was at a fast-food restaurant. There was a group of about a dozen highschool students ... Continue

Abortion: What Does The Bible Say About It?

Abortion. Some call it murder while others claim it is nothing more than a woman's choice. Many claim it to be merely a surgical procedure while many others still believe it to be one of the worst sins known to humankind. But what does the Bible say about it? ... Continue