80 Motivational Quotes to Help You Build Confidence

I absolutely love motivational quotes, inspirational quotes, and quotes having to do with productivity and leadership. Good, thought-provoking motivational quotes have the power to get us through a bad day, to get us off the couch and into the gym, and they can even give us the courage to pursue our life’s dreams. Here are 80 motivational quotes to think about, mediate upon, or even to disagree with...in ... Continue

Arguments Against Gay Marriage (Christian Thoughts on the Gay Marriage Debate)

In this article I plan to write about the Christian arguments against gay marriage. Practically everyone in the mainstream media seems to be discussing why gay marriage should be legalized, but in this article I plan to offer my own Christian thoughts on the gay marriage debate. My perspective is derived out of being the pastor of a Christian church in the rather liberal state of California, USA. I am a ... Continue

What Women Want in a Man (I Personally Struggle With the 4th One on the List)

Maybe you've heard that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. But that's just silly because our space shuttles haven't even landed on Mars yet! Seriously, though. Men and women are different, aren't they? Not different as in opposite-sides-of-the-same-coin different, but different as in fire-vs-water kind of different. Do you know what I mean? If there is any Bible passage that illuminates ... Continue

13 Truths About Christian Fellowship. (#10 Might Be My Most Favorite)

One of the greatest parts about being a lover of the only true and living God is the Christian fellowship that goes along with it. It amazes me how so many "Christians" today disregard Christian fellowship and place it so low on the weekly to-do list that it never even becomes a priority. Too many people reject the biblical mandate of Christian fellowship for other things like athletics for the kids. ... Continue

I Hate My Husband (8 Ways to Overcome Conflict in Marriage)

You can find almost anything on internet these days. But you have to be very, very, very careful about trusting the publisher of what you find on the internet because, as President Abraham Lincoln himself said, "Don't trust everything you read on the internet" ~Abraham Lincoln (Get it? I hope so!) I Hate My Husband 6,600 Times Over Google is a mammoth search engine. It also has an amazing internet ... Continue

Serving Others and the Countless Blessings You Receive By Doing It

You probably already know this but God wants each of us serving others. Serving others is the very reason we are each still here on earth. But as much as serving others is required, we fail to remember that we receive blessings upon blessing when we step out of our comfort zone to serve other people. Jesus said this: "It is more blessed to give than to receive" (Acts 20:35). Do you believe Jesus? Do ... Continue

6 Ways on How to Fix a Relationship between a Husband and a Wife

As I stated in a previous article on ways a husband can show love to his wife: Marriage ain't easy! Marriage can hurt, can be painful, and it oftentimes can feel more like a roller-coaster than a smooth boat ride on a calm lake. There and up's and there are down's. Sometimes those down's feel so low you want to quit, pack up your bags and leave. But there is light at the end of the tunnel for those who ... Continue

9 Things to Consider When Preparing for Ministry as Your Reasonable Service to God

When preparing for ministry, you need to start thinking soberly about it all, the way God thinks. To think biblically is the beginning of a lifetime of reasonable service to other people. CONSIDER THIS: When you were just a child, no one had to teach you how to cheat, to lie, or to be rude by not sharing your toys with others. As you grew older, those "skills" of sinful depravity began to blossom even ... Continue

10 Observations About Your Function in the Body of Christ

Have you ever thought about how God wants you to specifically function in the body of Christ? I have, and here is a bit of what I have gleaned after preaching from Romans chapter twelve over the past few weeks. You are to be a functioning member in the body of Christ After all, the Lord does not place unnecessary members in the body of Christ, right? Of course not. Therefore, what would God have you do ... Continue

3 Ways to be a Better Husband and Show Love to Your Wife

In case you didn't know, marriage ain't easy. But praise the Lord that there are ways to be a better husband to your wife. I used to think that I was the most patient and caring person on planet Earth. No seriously, it's the truth. I really thought I was more patient than most people and that I had the sort of servant's heart that would make any man green with envy. But then something happened that ... Continue

8 Reasons Why Sober Thinking Leads to Effective Christian Ministry

Humble people serve other people, while proud people wait to be served.   If you're getting to a point in your spiritual walk with the Lord where you want to excel and do more kingdom work, I have good news for you: God wants that for you as well! QUESTION: How can you increase your current level of faithfulness when it comes to serving people inside and outside of your local church? ANSWER: ... Continue

7 Reasons Why the Pursuit of Excellence is Better than Settling for Mediocrity

I'm learning (though I'm never quite learning it fast enough) that the pursuit of excellence in everything I do is infinitely better than settling for mediocrity. It should seem obvious that the pursuit of excellence in everything you do would be the surest road to maximizing your potential, yet so few of us strive to do just that. Why is that? Rather than settle for average, why don't we give it ... Continue

5 Tips For Creating a Viral Social Movement For Your Ministry, Service, or Product

Here is the issue at hand: Everyone you and I know wants to either lead or join or follow a social movement. And most of us want to do all three at once. What is a Social Movement? A social movement could be something like feeding the homeless people in a medium-sized town, or teaching Christian after-school programs for elementary students, or even helping to raise money for married couples who want to ... Continue

Help Me Choose A New Cover For My Book

My publisher is reworking the exterior cover design and interior format of my book, REVEALED: God's Will for Your Life. REVEALED (Cover Options) Above is a PDF link for 6 cover designs to choose from. The main differences are the font type and size of the endorsement at the top of the cover, and how the subtitle and author's name appear at the bottom. If you would, in the comments section below, tell ... Continue

21 Characteristics of Highly Influential People (aka: Christians)

If you are a human being, then you're created in the image of God. If you are a Christian, then you're a person created in the image of God and you have the Spirit of God abiding in you. Christian are, therefore, highly influential people. If you are a Christian, then you're created in the image of God, you have the Spirit of God abiding in you, and you've been supremely equipped by God with various ... Continue

Free Weekly Schedule Template for Anyone Wanting to Take Back Control of Their Life

How's your life right now? That good, huh? Are you busy? Somewhat overwhelmed? Maybe even slightly edgy or frantic? Are you having a hard time figuring where you need to be, and when? Are you flying through your day by the seat of your pants, not knowing exactly what it is you should be doing at any given moment of your day? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, I'm happy to inform you ... Continue