Are you familiar with Rick Warren and his ministry?  Pastor Rick leads a very large church called Saddleback Church, located primarily in southern California, but also with other campuses and church plants scattered around the world.

Rick has been used by God in amazing and diverse ways, and I personally have benefited from his pastoral ministry and his books.  His ministry has been both edifying and controversial (not intentionally by him, I should add) among many of those who might call themselves Reformed.  (See the well-done video interview Pastor Rick had with John Piper to answer some of his critics concerns.)

Rick has written a number of books, one of which is entitled The Purpose Driven Life.  His latest book, The Purpose Driven Church, was called “the best book on entrepreneurship, management, and leadership in print” by Forbes magazine.

But one of the things you might not know about Pastor Rick is that he also leads another ministry called (facilitated by Brandon Cox), which serves pastors and other church leaders from all around the globe.  I have appreciated the website and many of the articles have proven quite helpful.

Personally, I started blogging regularly in the last quarter of 2011.  It has been fun, refreshing, rewarding, and I’ve seen fruit come from it.  It gives me a chance to rant, rave, and edify whenever possible (hopefully mostly the latter one).  And that’s why I was excited to have been approved—just last night—to serve as a contributing writer for!

I’m totally excited.  I plan to write and upload my first article this weekend, but I haven’t decided on a topic quite yet.  There are lots of categories and articles in the database, but I think I will focus initially on their Missions & Outreach category.

Anyway, you should check out some of their articles.  Who knows, you just might get blessed.

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